How to buy Bitcoin and other Digital currencies

Dear Client,

In this short guide you can find an explanation with several easy steps to purchase your own Bitcoin or any other popular digital currencies.

Blockchain is a revolutionary new technology with many advantages including payment solutions.

Recently, popularity of digital currencies reached new picks and the value and potential of the digital coins contains great opportunities.

What do you need?

1 – A Digital Wallet.

2 – An account on digital currencies exchange.

How to buy Bitcoin or other Digital currencies?

1 – Open an account on an exchange website:

2 – Submitted you personal KYC documents: ID, Proof of address.

3 – Verify your account for deposits.

  • After you are verified you can make a wire transfer and credit your account with EUR, USD, GBP, etc.

4 – Exchange your local currency with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash or any other digital coin.

5 – Your coins are now kept on your virtual wallet on the exchange website you chose.


Your wallet has an address, same as an Email address, it is just containing a long series of numbers and letters.


To make a payment using Digital currencies, just copy paste the wallet address of the recipient to the “Send Payment” field and execute.

Transfers with digital currencies take few seconds to reach your recipient and up to an hour to be fully verified.